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Heise® Models HVC-1000 & HVC-3000 Pressure Volume Controllers


    The Heise® precision pressure volume controller provides a quick and easy method for setting a precise pressure in a closed pneumatic system.
    The HVC works in conjunction with a pressure regulator and serves as a "fine adjuster", eliminating the need to "hunt" for the precise test point by adding pressure and bleeding off the "over-shoot"

     The design is simple; the volume of the HVC's cylinder chamber becomes part of the volume of the closed pneumatic system.  By turning the adjustment knob, a piston moves in or out to decrease or increase the volume in the cylinder chamber, thus raising or lowering the system pressure.

    The HVC can also be used as a "stand-alone" device to generate low pressures or vacuum in low volume systems.

Standard Features
  • Can precisely control pressures up to 1000 psi (HVC-1000) or 3000 psi (HVC-3000)
  • Can be easily incorporated into existing pneumatic calibration systems
  • Balance valve directs initial pressure load to both sides of piston to minimize resistance
  • Saves bottled gas by eliminating need to bleed off pressure due to "over-shoot"
  • Can be used as "stand-alone" device to generate low pressure and vacuum
  • Configured for panel mounting
Optional Features
  • Bench Mounting bracket

Product Information
Installation & Maintenance Information


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