Digital Pressure Indicators Benchtop and Handheld Calibrator

Heise® electronic high accuracy digital pressure indicators are designed to satisfy both field and laboratory calibration requirements. The handheld calibrator model PTE-2 allows you to bring your standard to the source to calibrate instruments while they are still installed. A similar benchtop pressure calibrator model ST-2H offers many similar features necessary for switch setting, transducer calibration and much more. Both incorporate two bays for snap-in removable pressure sensors or temperature device interface modules. This allows the instrument to be used in a wide variety of pressure and temperature measurements as well as current and voltage indication, displaying up to three measurements simultaneously. A third, smaller meter, model PM, uses fixed sensors with the same accuracies. Series 901 digital pressure indicators offer a benchtop or panel mount high accuracy pressure measurement instrument with integral or remote mounted sensor.   Model 308X series offer fully temperature compensated high accuracy pressure measurement in a compact 3 inch diameter digital pressure gauge package.