DXD Digital Output Pressure Transducer

The DXD digital pressure transducer features high accuracy measurement with a digital output and an innovative, plug-and-play wiring system. Available in RS232, RS485 or USB digital outputs, the DXD can communicate over longer transmission lines and eliminates the need for A/D conversion, both commonly associated with accuracy loss in traditional analog output devices. Up to 99 RS232 equipped transducers can share the same serial port, 32 transducers on an RS-485 line and a USB version on a single port. LabVIEW™ based utility software and driver make it easy to view the readings on a PC or data acquisition device. With its rugged shock and vibration resistant design, this precision sensor offers a unique pressure measurement solution for test stands, laboratories, manufacturing systems and so much more.

Key Features:
  • Accuracy ±0.02% of span total error band
  • Update rate: 15ms
  • Port speeds up to 115.2k bps
  • Multi-drop digital communication via four-wire RS232 or six-wire RS485
  • Optional USB Output
  • Up to 99 transducers on a single RS232 line
  • Simple ASCII command structure
  • Gauge, absolute, vacuum and compound pressure types
  • 300 series stainless steel wetted materials and housing
  • Rugged, shock resistant design
  • Switchcraft or Bendix electrical receptacle and connector
  • Connection components terminate in standard RJ-11 telephone jack (RS232), standard RJ-45 Ethernet connectors (RS485) or USB Mini B connector
  • Driver available to facilitate communication between the DXD and custom LabVIEW™ analysis and control programs
  • LabVIEW™ based setup/utility software allows the user to view, track and configure each DXD on a PC (self contained program, does not require complete LabVIEW™ program)

Industrial and OEM Applications:

  • Laboratory test benches
  • Automated calibration systems
  • Metrology lab



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