CM Dial Pressure Gauge

The Heise® model CM precision pressure gauge yields consistent, reliable accuracy through the use of precision machining and refined Bourdon tube technology. Pointer rotation of up to 350 degrees with up to 1500 divisions offers high resolution to easily support tight tolerances. As a mechanical instrument, the gauge does not require a power supply.  In addition, this pressure gauge is simple to operate, easy to troubleshoot, and can be readily flushed or purged to remove foreign matter or trapped gas. That’s why the Heise® precision dial gauge continues to be the #1 choice in ASME B40.100, grade 4A precision mechanical pressure instrumentation.

Key Features:
  • Accuracy ±0.1% of span
  • Gauge, Compound and Vacuum ranges
  • Pressure ranges 15 to 100,000 psi
  • Up to 350 degree of pointer rotation
  • Mirror-band dial and knife-edge pointer eliminates parallax error while
    assuring easy readability of precise measurements
  • Solid-front case design and blow-out safety back protect users from
    extreme overpressure
  • Optional Slotted link – protects gauge from sudden decrease in pressure
  • Optional Thermal Compensation – to maintain accuracy over a wide
    temperature range from -25° to +125°F

Industrial Market:
Test Laboratories
Precision Test and Measurement Validation
Calibration Laboratories


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